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  • 去健身房
    If it's safer to leave campus, we'll coordinate departure from there.
    If it's safer to shelter at the gym, that's what we'll do. 
  • Do not leave the campus solo 
    Wait for official word about whether to stay or go.
    We may need to use the seats in your car.
  • If time is short you're safer here
    Gym has housed us safely before 
    Leaving late can be dangerous


  • 鸭 & 封面
    away from windows, falling objects, power lines, building perimeters 
  • 抓住
  • 办理登机手续 宿舍/大楼集合区,那么到索林顿球场
    and if safe to get them, bring your meds 
  • 食物,住所,医疗 
    The very basics will be available ASAP
  • If trapped, BANG on something 
    That sound travels better, and you won't get worn out shouting


获取ag娱乐官网 COVID这个页面.

  • Practice good personal hygiene. This is the single most effective thing you can do to prevent illness.
  • 预防感冒 & 流感工具包 (由 中央社报道.com*):
    - - - - - -温度计
    * - FYI only; Westmont does not endorse any medical entity
  • 注射免疫疫苗 when the vaccines become available
  • DO NOT go to class or to work 如果你有症状. Stay in your room (or if feasible go 首页) until 24 hours after your unmedicated fever is gone
  • 打电话给9-1-1 在所有医疗紧急情况中 
  • 然后打电话给公共安全部门 805-565-6222
  • 然后 叫RD /拉/主管
  • 留在受害者身边
    Keep them as comfortable and stable as possible
  • 确定身份
    and be prepared to communicate key info to responders (ID, medical need, etc)


  • 运行: 你能安全逃离吗??
    • 运行 carefully away from sounds of gunshots.
    • 维持在低水平 and away from windows; cautiously check before turning corners.
      当确信安全时,打电话 9-1-1
  • Hide: Is there a safe place to barricade?
    • Lock the door if possible and Hide; use heavy objects to barricade door. 维持在低水平.
      Gather near doorway but not in line of sight upon opening.
    • Turn off cell ringers, but have one person quietly call 9-1-1 and remain on the line with the dispatcher
  • 治疗: 你们将如何并肩作战?
    • Work together to surprise, confuse and 战斗 入侵者.
    • Be ready to throw objects and “dog-pile” him.
    • Active responses have proven far more effective than passive.


请看这个8分钟的视频. 它可能会救你的命!

以下人士适用版本: disabilities or access and functional needs.

Adapted from M Tau: "Targeted Violence..."; 10/30/13 presentation.



Westmont is deeply concerned about any incidents of sexual assault, and encourages prompt reporting of any incidents to appropriate college officials.


  • Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center: 24 hour hotline for support: 805-564-3696
  • 校园资源:卫生中心(805-565-)6164) and/or Counseling Center (805-565-6003)
  • Less Confidential: While the following college officials will make every effort to assist in a compassionate and circumspect manner they are required by law to report the matter for internal followup:
    • 常驻董事
    • 居民助理
    • 学生生活主任
    • 院系系主任
    • College employee supervisors
    • Directors of off campus programs
    • 副总统
    • The College Title IX officer


  • DO NOT wash or discard clothing which might contain helpful evidence.
  • DO HAVE a confidential physical examination (available at the Westmont Health Center).
  • MORE INFO is available in the Student Handbook which is also online under 当前学生/手册 & 政策.
  • 保持沟通
    They need to know you'll listen.
    Discuss specific intentions openly.
    Don't argue; and don't leave them.
  • 严肃对待威胁
    Don't assume they won't do it,
    but don't assume they can't be stopped.
  • 呼叫公共安全 (805-565-6222)
    If they have a plan, the means, a lethal method, and a time in mind, they need intervention now.
  • 跟进
    If student: Contact their RD (or the RD On Call: 805-565-6273)
    If employee: Contact their supervisor, or HR (805-565-6101)

As recommended by the National Alliance on Mental Illness. For more info and help check the ULifeline link at Westmont's Counseling Center.

  • If door is HOT, stay in room
    or exit through a window if possible 
  • If door is COOL, open slightly
  • If you see SMOKE, stay in room
    and use towels, etc to cover openings
  • If no smoke, close door behind you and go to assembly area
  • 途中拉响警报 并调用 9-1-1

In this video, Brett Gracely ’90, a water resource engineer with 矩阵设计组, assesses the potential for flooding at Westmont and says that expected rainfall will not severely impact the campus. 

Westmont is outside the official evacuation zone.

  • 呆在室内
  • Stay away from running water
  • Do not drive across flowing streams

Our utility power company Southern California Edison (SCE) has established a Public Safety Power Shutdown program (PSPS) under which they could—as a last resort—preemptively turn off power to selected circuits in order to prevent a wildfire. However, the college has a generator which would automatically continue to serve the entire campus.* College officials have plans in place to communicate and address a potential disruption in the unlikely case an outage is foreseen to last from a few hours to a couple days. 如果停电了:

  • 不要使用蜡烛
    Use flashlights or headlamps instead
  • 拔掉电脑
    to prevent surge when power restored
  • Minimize movement in the dark
    Library, DC and Gym have supplemental backup power in case it's safe to find your way there

* - Except isolated areas on lower campus served by different utility circuits.

24/7服务     WEEKDAY-ONLY  
紧急 911   西蒙特健康中心 805-565-6164
校园安全 805-565-6222   韦斯特蒙特咨询中心 805-565-6003
强奸危机中心热线 805-564-3696   Rape Crisis Center Front Desk 805-963-6832
毒药热线 800-222-1222      
预防自杀生命线 800-273-8255      
村舍医院急诊室 805-569-7210      
随叫随到RD (565-OCRD) 805-565-6273      
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